Kennel Engsoleia is a small scale breeder of English Springer Spaniels in Trondheim, Norway. Our first litter was born in September 2014 after N SE VCH Desperados Bitten and N FI UCH Winton Waiting For The Sun (Lego). Our second litter was born in July 2016 after N SE VCH Desperados Bitten and SE U(u)CH SE VCH SE JV-14 RLD N RLD F Mountjoy Scallywag Sam (Bilbo). Our third litter was born in February 2017 after N UCH NJV-14 Zelini’s Body Talk (Milo) and RL1 RL2 AD Engsoleias Alexa.

You will find photos and information about the litters by clicking «A-kullet», «B-kullet», «C-kullet» or «valper» in the category list on the front page.

I am a member of the Norwegian Kennel Club and the Norwegian Spaniel Club, and I follow the rules and guidelines for responsible breeders provided by these organisations.

N SE VCH Desperados Bitten

The English Springer is a gun dog, originally trained to find live game and/or to retrieve game that had been shot and wounded. They make good companions, and their temperament makes them ideal all-round family dogs.

The name ‘springer’ is derived from the use of this type of Spaniel to startle the bird into the air so that they spring upwards. The English Springer, with his/her black-and-white or liver-and-white markings, is a dog capable of working all day; ready to enter water when needed.

Like so many of the gundog breeds, their cheerful extrovert nature has endeared them to the general public, and they are in great demand as an energetic companion. The thick coat is tough and weather resistant, but like so many Spaniels, the lengthy ear flaps need to be kept well trimmed if they are not to suffer from seeds and twigs getting inside the more sensitive depths of the ears themselves.

(The information above about the springer comes from the Kennel Club in Great Britain.)

We strive to achieve the highest quality possible relative to the breed standard: Excellence in hunting, trainability for obedience, tracking, and the field, and temperament to maintain our breed’s characteristics.

We use only physically sound, mature dogs of stable temperament for breeding.

Puppies from our B-litter

We educate ourselves about genetic diseases pertinent to the breed.

We use genetic tests as suggested by the needs of their individual dog(s) and close relatives thereof. Documentation of hip and eye screening will be available to prospective puppy buyers through The Norwegian Kennel Club’s Dogweb and the web site.

We will match each puppy’s personality as carefully as possible with the buyer/family.

Each puppy will be vaccinated and wormed by or in consultation with a veterinarian. Each puppy will be examined by a veterinarian for general health before placement.

In front of our house in Trondheim, Norway

We will provide advice, help when problems arise and help if relocation is needed.

We encourage owners to take their puppies to puppy and obedience classes.

Contact details:
Kathrine Moen Bratteng
Email: kathrinebratteng@gmail.com

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